Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Hey Guys, I made this quick video to show you guys how my brothers green theme birthday party turned out. This was Tumblr and Pinterest inspired. I made the invitations by using an online website that lets you customize your own party invitations by using some of their templates. I printed them out and decided to put them inside a clear balloon that had confetti inside it. It thought this was a fun and creative way to send out invitations since the guest got to pop the balloon to reveal the invitation.

Some of the materials were from amazon and party city. Most of the decorations were hand made (DIY). I also bought some decorations from the dollar store/99 cent store. For example the signs were from the dollar store as well as the balloons. I went the day of the party in the morning to buy the green helium balloons to the dollar store. 

The happy birthday and table cloths were also from the dollar store.

There was a tostilocos and birthday presents table as well. The clear balloons on the window had green confetti inside but you could barely see it.

We bought a long role of green table cloths but ran out of them very fast. The lime green balloons hanging from the top were from party city but they started to randomly pop out of no where so I couldn't recommend them.

 I bought green cups from the dollar store and wrote out my brothers name on the fence.

We also had bonfire area for the night were the little kids got to make s'mores.

My cousin was the one who painted one of the logs and drew a fire flame on it.

This party banner was from amazon and we hanged it on a fence.

I made these signs to put on the waters so the guest new which flavors they were.

I made these cardboard letters with paper and styrofoam paper from the dollar store.

Watch the video I made on youtube :D

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