Tuesday, March 7, 2017


        I found this amazing website that used to be called AMZ Review Trader but is now called VIPON. In this website you were able to get free things from Amazon in return for a review. If you had Amazon Prime this made it super efficient and completely free since you didn't have to pay for shipping. 
        Well, recently Amazon changed their rules and policies and now sellers can't demand a review from their costumers in return for a free product.  This meant that the purpose of this amazing website that connected sellers with reviewers was not going to work any longer, so AMZ Review Trader decided to switch their name and website style to Vipon. Now, sellers can still give costumers free products but they can't demand a review in return. This caused many sellers to leave and no longer use the website, so reviewers like myself were not getting any more products to review. 
          I decided to make one last video of some of the things I was able to get before the new rules and policies changed. I no longer use the website but it used to work perfectly. All the products shown in my video will be listed down below.

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